Saturday, February 17, 2007

The search for the perfect heart rate monitor (continued)

I finally took the plunge and made a purchase. As you know, I was drooling over the prospect of a Polar s625x as my future heart rate monitor. That unit has just about any feature I could want and seems to be favorably reviewed. So, what did I get?

I was able to get the Polar s625x (my precious) at a cheaper rate than I had previously seen advertised. I figured I'd get it now, before the price goes back up. Having gone through a few HRMs before, I am pretty familiar with their operation and getting to the main features pretty quickly. The user interface seems pretty logical, although I am overwhelmed at this point by the number of features this thing has. I'm sure I haven't even scratched the surface yet, so I know there will be more to come.

Since I didn't have enough time yesterday to play with it too much, I used the basic features this morning on my 2.5 hour spin session. Aside from being pleasantly surprised by my low avg heart rate (140 bpm), I am impressed with the wearlink chest strap. It is far more comfortable and leaves no marks on my chest after usage. I wasn't able to get to that avg heart rate until peak season last year, so hopefully this is a great sign of things to come.

At this point, I'm just looking forward to getting to know "my precious" a little better, since the two of us are going to be pretty close in the months ahead.

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