Monday, February 19, 2007

My week in review - Week 2

This week was certainly an improvement over last week, especially considering the weather issues I had to deal with. Although I am excited to log more hours that I currently am, I know that I need to take my training increases at moderate levels and not jump too far too quickly. Thankfully, precious says I am in excellent shape and am ready to take on more intense training.

This week, my goals were to swim 2000 yards, bike 3 hours, run 10 miles, and have 1 weight session. The results:
  • Swim: 1200 yards - Not quite what I wanted, but the weather prevented my from being able to drive to the pool on one of my planned swim days/
  • Bike: 5 hours - In place of my swim workout, I hit the bike for a few more hours than planned/
  • Run: 5 miles - Again, the weather sucks and held me back from getting in another run.
  • Weight sessions: 1 session
Goals for this week are to continue increasing my time in the pool and hopefully get outside for some runs. Unfortunately, they still haven't cleared the sidewalks of ice, which makes it difficult to run. I thought about running on the road as well, but the sides of the road are also snowbanks, so there is really no room to run. Can't wait till spring...and daylight savings time, so there are more hours in the day to train. Oh yea, goals for this week:
  • Swim - 2500 yards
  • Bike - 3 hours
  • Run - 10 miles
  • Weight sessions: 2
Most important to me this week are to hit my swim goals and to log some running miles outside. Just officially signed up for the GW Parkway Classic 10 miler yesterday, so I'd like to get some real mileage, instead of standing on the treadmill watching each tenth of a mile tick by. I'd also like to test out the foot pod component of precious. Fortunately, its supposed to warm up a bit this week, so hopefully all the ice will melt, so I can achieve most of these goals.

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