Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy ME

The day is finally here. I am 27 today. Most importantly, I am healthy and happy. I honestly could not ask for anything more. When discussing my goals/hopes for the next year with my girlfriend last night, my answer was to do the same things as I did this year, only faster and more efficiently. Triathlon training not only makes you healthy, but it makes you feel good about yourself. Whether its the endorphins or the satisfaction of seeing yourself improve mentally and physically through each and every challenge, I am greatful that I have become a better person as a result of triathlons. Therefore, the only way I feel is appropriate to celebrate my brithday is to go to spinning with my favorite instructor.

Interesting fact that I bet nobody else knows about me - I share the same birthday and initials as Abraham Lincoln


tri-trainee said...

you should start a fun facts section ;-)

Kylie said...

happy birthday!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday, to you and to Abe. Hope you have a great, healthy, happy triathlon-full year :-)

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