Friday, February 9, 2007

Morning Workouts

Yesterday was a rest day. After a tough interval workout on Wednesday, it made sense to give the body a break to recover. So we kicked back and helped our hearts by having a few glasses of red wine.

As a result of dinner obligations this evening, we had to move today's weight session to this morning. I am a morning person. I have no problem getting up early to hit the gym or do a workout. Personally, I prefer it, since you feel better about yourself at work and you can take the time to relax the rest of the day, instead of the usual rush after work before it gets to cold or dark. However, when going to the gym with my counterpart, who has made it clear to me that she is not a morning person, it makes it difficult to get everything accomplished. Don't get me wrong, I love working out with her and pushing her to realize the things the CAN do, as opposed to those she can't. Its the getting moving part in the morning that is the challenge sometimes.

So after quivering through the 5 degree wind chill, we finally made it to the gym. Since the quantity of aerobic and anaerobic training is picking up now, there isn't enough time to hit the gym for lifting sessions multiple times a week. Therefore, I typically do an all upper body workout for my main lifting sessions during the week and a legs workout somewhere in between. We got in a solid 45 minutes or so of lifting. I typically take about an hour to hit everything, but we were a bit rushed to get to work. In all, a good workout that should leave us feeling nice and sore tomorrow.

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