Saturday, February 10, 2007

One down, two to go...

Task 1 of my three things to do today is complete.

Task 1 - 1 hour spin class
Spin class was great. Unlike my previous experience on Tuesday with the bad spin instructor, Saturday mornings are a guaranteed good spin session. During the winter, the instructor extends his schedule to teach 3 classes back to back to back from 7:30 am till 11 am. I typically go for all of them, but since I have football at 10 this morning, I only went to one session.

Task 2 - 2 flag football games from 10 - 12
Part 2 will be more than a workout, so I'm not cheating myself from a big weekend workout. Each game is 1 hour with only a 10 minute break between games and I play every down. The term "flag" football is used very loosely in this case, since the league allows downfield blocking and full contact on the line. If you aren't sore from the running, you will be from the contact.

Task 3 - Celebrate my birthday (its actually on Monday though)
Lastly, part 3 is my reward and celebration of moving one step closer to 30. Per my usual birthday schedule, we will be going first to this hole in the wall bar, that I have grown to love. The best part about it is that you make your own drinks. For just over $10, depending on how much they feel like charging you at that moment (anywhere from $10 - $20), you get:
  • One empty glass to mix drink into
  • One can of soda/juice/tonic
  • One giant bucket of ice
  • One flask size glass of the liquor of your choice
And to add to the sketchiness the place, they ONLY take cash. Oh...its going to be fun tonight!

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