Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm feelin it...finally!

I knew it wouldn't be long. After all, I put in a lot of work last year and I hate to see hard work go to waste. It was my decision not to continue swimming in the off season. I figured my technique and endurance couldn't fall that far off. My first try at swimming this year was a lesson learned. I should continue swimming in the off season and I will next year (or so I say now).

Anyways, back in the pool today I started getting that feeling. You know...the kind that makes all the training and hard work pay off. Most people refer to it as the breakthrough. Basically, the point at which you begin to realize that not only are you comfortable, but you could keep going for a very long time if you wanted. I was excited after my 750 yard warm up today, because I knew I could have continued for a mile. However, I didn't want my mind getting in the way of my training plan. As much as I wanted to see how long I could go, I knew it wouldn't serve as useful as my planned workout. So I stuck to the drills and a few intervals and managed to end up at 1700 yards total.

I'm a happy man today...except for the inevitable cold that is beginning to take over my body. Gotta keep fighting!

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