Wednesday, May 23, 2007

20.5 MPH!

Woo! Check this out:

Bib Place Name Age Group Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
133 33 Lesser 25-30 08:37 2:17 35.08 1:04 24:31
100/m MPH Min/Mi
2.15 20.5 8.2

I never thought I would break 20 MPH on my bike. It just seemed impossible, at least with the bike I have. Some people believe that its not about the parts, but about the engine. While I agree to some extent, it is also about the parts. I ride an entry level road bike that I got when I first started getting into the sport. I wasn't hooked yet, so I didn't want to take the plunge into something more expensive. I figured I'd ride this steed till she broke. I am happy that I was able to break 20 MPH on her, but I know that there are limits to how far I can push this ride. Just by picking up TT's new ride compared to mine, it feels like my ride is a brick and her's is a feather. Her ride has better components, lighter wheels, etc which all contribute to the feather-like weight. She will surely be enjoying her time flying down the streets in her races this season. I know there are a lot of quick fixes I could do with my ride to make it lighter in the short term, like a new wheelset and a few parts here or there, but no reason to dump more money into something I know I am going to replace. I have decided to ride out into the sunset this year on my bike that has brought me great memories (and hopefully many more) and return next year with a mean lean racing machine of my choosing.

Despite my plan to get a new bike next year, I'm ecstatic that I hit 20.5 MPH this weekend on my current ride. What a great start to kickoff the season.

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Kylie said...

yay! Congrats on the new race speed PR :)

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