Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My week in review - Week 16

Posting a bit late this week. Got caught up in the Memorial Day holiday I guess. It was intended to be a big one, with some large bike and run numbers planned. Most of the time was to be focused on big weekend workouts. The result was some big workouts, but not as much as I would have liked. I decided not to go for a swim before my big bike workout on Saturday, only to have my bike have issues after 1 loop on the trail. That left me with less swim and bike than planned. I made up for that by going on a longer run than planned. This turned into a VERY hilly 13.2 mile run. When I say hilly, I mean it. Locals are using these hills to train for Savageman, which is being considered the most challenging HIM in the world. Here are my stats for the week:

Swim: 2250 yards (Goal: 5000)
Bike: 3.5 hours (Goal: 5)
Run: 20 miles (Goal: 15)
Weight Sessions: 1 (Goal: 1)
Time: 7.5 hours (Goal: 9)

Looking into this week, my goals are to continue with some big workouts, focusing on the swim and bike. Now that the pool is open outdoors, I'd like to get some more swim workouts under my belt. The nice thing is that I am now swimming in a 50m pool that has no lane lines, which makes the swims more realistic to open water. I also need to get both my bike situations taken care of. My road bike has been having issues with flats lately and I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the wheel. My mountain bike started jumping gears toward the end of my first loop, which means there is something wrong with my rear derailleur, though I don't know exactly what it is. Suggestions on the jumping gears? I can deal with the road bike issues, since its only changing a flat, but it is very frustrating. Let me get to this weeks numbers:

Swim: 5500 yards
Bike: 4 hours
Run: 10 miles
Weight Sessions: 1
Time: 8 hours

Enjoy your week and your workouts!

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