Tuesday, May 22, 2007

High Hopes

Ever since my race on Sunday, I can't help but be motivated by my clear progress and success in training more effectively. I like to think of it as a post-race hangover, but in a good way. The day after the race, I was left with some tightness in my body, like I had been beaten up. Sound familiar? Its a good feeling. A feeling of...success. Ahhhhh, soak it in while it lasts. A few days from now, it will be gone, and I'll be left as just another triathlete in training for another race. But today, I'm still in my post-race hangover.

While in this post-race hangover state, my thoughts seem to be a bit woozy as well. I have planned for myself the largest volume week so far. I'm looking at a lot of training hours (at least for me). Among the many things I plan to do this week, I am really looking forward to a big weekend to build my totals. Saturday, I am planning to go mountain biking at my favorite place for 2-3 hours. Sunday, I'm saving for my long run, probably in the neighborhood of 10 miles. Following my run, it'll be time for the BBQ I'm planning to have Sunday afternoon. Gotta love Memorial Day weekend and grilling!

This week, with the post-race hangover fresh in my mind, I've got the feeling that I'm invincible. Not sure if that's a good thing. I'll let you know on Monday how that works out ;)

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IM Able said...

Don't forget how valuable post-race rest is!

I love that feeling -- although for me it usually means I'm on the computer looking for another race to register for! It's an addiction...


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