Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Hardware as promised

I said I'd post a picture of the hardware from my recent race. After all, couldn't I just be making this up?

Well here is the proof...if you can see the details on this crappy picture I took on my cell phone with the 5 seconds of spare time I had today. Its really hard because its a clear glass award with white writing, so its hard to see against any background. Can't say I didn't try. Enjoy!

I really hope to have some time later today to actually post some more, let alone get in a workout. Work is being busy right now....very busy...so stay tuned.


Tri-Trainee said...

that picture does not do it justice.. i so could take a better pic than that.. you should use me for my creative skillz

Wrenching Winz said...

Use a grey background, like construction paper. I love glass plaques though...

Tri-Trainee said...

Plus! everyone can see how ugly your comforter is :-p

Lesser is More said...

Ok fine. When I get a chance, I will re-take the picture!

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