Monday, April 9, 2007

My week in review - Week 9

Since this week's worth of workouts was only a half week, due to being gone Sunday - Wednesday, my week in review was a bit lighter this week. However, this is ONLY in the totals department. I had 2 killer workouts this week, including speed work in the pool and a half marathon run. So here are the numbers for the week:

- Swim: 1800 yards (Goal: 2000)
- Bike: 1 hour (Goal: 3)
- Run: 13.24 miles (Goal: 10)
- Weight Sessions: 1 (Goal: 1)
- Time: 4 hours (Goal: 6)

I would have had another hour on the bike, but a little event happened during spinning on Saturday, that limited my spin session to only 1 hour. Aside from that, all was good. My body is sore from the run yesterday, but I feel refreshed from a lighter week overall.

The week ahead is looking somewhat promising, however the temperatures are expected to stay cool. This means less time to hit the roads on the bike. Once I get my derailleur hanger fixed on my mountain bike, I think I may try to hit up some of the trails this week, which will satisfy some of my cycling time. So here are the goals for the week:

- Swim: 4000 yards - focus on speed
- Bike: 3 hours - mix of road/mountain biking
- Run: 10 miles - light recovery runs from the half marathon
- Weight Sessions: 2
- Time: 7.5 hours

Have a great week and enjoy your workouts!

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