Monday, April 30, 2007

My week in review - Week 12

Its Monday, so it must be time for my week in review. This past week's conclusion marks my 3rd month of training. This week was my largest volume week so far. It was also my most memorable. I had several breakthrough swim workouts and finally went mountain biking. With all the nice weather, its hard not to want to have a great workout. Let's take a look at the stats:

- Swim: 6250 yards (Goal: 6000)
- Bike: 4 hours 20 minutes (Goal: 4)
- Run: 6 miles (Goal: 6)
- Weight Sessions: 2 (Goal: 2)
- Hours: 9 hours (Goal: 9 hours)

This week, I'm looking to keep up the volume. I have a fun 5k race planned for Sunday, but other than that, its business as usual. I'd like to keep my swim and bike totals up this week. Goals for the week:

- Swim: 6500 yards
- Bike: 4 hours
- Run: 6 miles
- Weight Sessions: 2
- Hours: 9

Have a great week and enjoy your training!


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