Monday, April 23, 2007

My week in review - Week 11

Legs are quire sore from yesterday's race. Based on the level of improvement in my time, I'll chalk that up to another solid week of training. And speakin of training, its time to recap my week in review. First, the stats:

- Swim: 1800 yards (Goal: 4000)
- Bike: 3.5 hours (Goal: 3)
- Run: 16 miles (Goal: 15)
- Weight Sessions: 2 (Goal: 2)
- Time: 7 hours (Goal: 7)

I had to cut my 2nd swim session this week out of my schedule in favor of rest. Aside from that, all was good. I'll be sure to make up for that this week, and lower the run totals to recover from yesterday's race. Goals for the week:

- Swim: 6000 yards
- Bike: 4 hours
- Run: 6 miles
- Weight Sessions: 2
- Time: 9 hours

Have a great week and enjoy your training!

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