Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Figure This One Out

Two pools. Both claim to be 25 yards in length. When I swim at one, my average 100 yard pace is about 5-10 seconds slower than at the other. Could it be a mistake of yards vs meters? Could it be a mysterious pool black hole? Could it be thinner water to swim through? I don't know.

I'm out of possible explanations, having swam at both pools many times, yet I am still confused...


IM Able said...

Clearly an evil water nymph holding your ankles in the slower pool.


Anonymous said...

is the depth of both pools the same? pools can be "faster" depending on depth and a number of other factors.

Lesser is More said...

As a matter of fact, one is much deeper than the other. I won't say which one, because I'd like to know which one is believed to be "faster"

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