Friday, April 27, 2007

April Showers....Bring...

Forget all that April showers brings May flowers crap. It's not true. April showers ruin opportunities to get in quality workouts. Take for example, my plans this weekend to go mountain biking. As part of my triathlon racing, I also participate in Xterra events. In order to survive them, as anyone who has done one can attest, you NEED to be technically capable of riding. You can't hide your riding skills out on the course by going extra slow. It only makes it worse. There is only one way over a tree stump or down a massive rocky hill...and that is to ride it.

So here here's my problem with the weather. Because it is mountain biking, trails typically have large hills, water crossings, log hops, etc. I'm sure its not news to anyone, but when it rains, all the water ruins the trails by eroding the dirt, leaving rooty trails in poor conditions and lots of mud. Typically, most trails get closed following a rain to give time for the trails to dry out. So this leads me to my point.

The April showers from last night will likely ruin my chances of going mountain biking this weekend. I'd rather have the hot sweaty summers, just so these stupid April showers will go away and I can get some time on the trails before my first Xterra race in June. Arrgghhh!

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tri-trainee said...

hellloooo april showers DO bring may flowers! or have you not looked at your garden this week??? i <3 may flowers


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