Saturday, April 14, 2007

I feel like a fish

Returning to the pool following what I considered a disappointing workout, I wasn't sure what to think. In the past, I'd use that experience to think of every other reason why I shouldn't go swimming. Well I am a changed man. I wanted to prove myself wrong. Had I really slipped and my form escaped me in the pool or was it just a fluke day? I wanted to let my actions determine that this time, and not let my mind take over so quickly.

As I planned my workout, I wanted to make sure I wasn't being too optimistic, so I set my goals low. Plan was to swim 2000 yards, focusing on speed work, with a main set of 10 x 100 yards alternating between hard and recovery pace. I got in the pool before the crowds, so I had the lane all to myself and began my 500 yard warm up. I felt OK, but not really that much different from my last workout, except that my form felt a little bit better. However, once I got to the main sets, I turned on the jets and swam faster sets than I have ever swam. Again, this is probably cruising pace for many, but it was significantly faster for me. By the time I was done with my main set, I wanted more, before going into some drills. So I decided to throw in another 200 hard and 200 recovery, which was then followed by 600 yards of drills.

That took me to a total of 2500 yards for the day. Only the 2nd time I've hit that mark and I walked out of the pool this time, without limping. Can't say I did that the last time I swam that much. I felt fresh and could have gone further, but had to get home since I had dinner plans.

Its times like these that make the struggles worth it all...

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