Monday, April 16, 2007

My week in review - Week 10

Motivated by watching so many triathletes during IMAZ yesterday, I'm geeked up for another week of training. But before that, its time for my week in review. Here are the stats:

- Swim: 3900 yards (Goal: 4000)
- Bike: 4 hours (Goal: 3)
- Run: 3.5 miles (Goal: 10)
- Weight Sessions: 1 (Goal: 2)
- Time: 6 hours (Goal: 7.5)

We got hit pretty hard by the cold bug this week and it cut down on my time spent outside. I despise running on treadmill, so I spent my time more wisely by adding some extra time in the saddle. My killer swim workout on Friday put me back on track for my swim totals, after a headache ruined my first swim earlier in the week.

Looking into this next week, I'd like to take it hard through Thursday and then recover for my 10 miler on Sunday. Goals for the next week are:

- Swim: 4000 yards
- Bike: 3 hours
- Run: 15 miles (including GW Parkways Classic 10 miler)
- Weight Sessions: 2
- Time: 7 hours

That's all for me. Have a great week and enjoy your workouts!

1 comment:

tri-trainee said...

you are "geeked up" huh? thats a new one. but what a cute geek you are!


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