Friday, March 2, 2007

The Worst Workout Music

With so many discussions about the best songs that inspire the epic workouts everyone dreams of, I figured I'd look into the idea of the worst workout songs to listen to or have in your head. Why? Because this afternoon, I may have had the worst song ever in my head.

It all started with my drive home from work. Listening to the radio, I found some good hard rock songs that tend to get me going for my workouts. Normally, a little Linkin Park hits the spot, but I'm fine with most top 40 songs, as long as they have a good beat. So when I tuned into my normal radio station, they were playing Linkin Park. Perfect, right? Not so fast. Just as I was getting out of my car, the radio cut to a promo for a stupid show on tv. While advertising said stupid show, they played a quick clip of the song that the show is named after. So after listening to several great songs to have in my head and getting pumped up for my long run, what is ringing through my head as I begin my run? "Your the one that I want..." is all I can hear in my head and there is nothing I can do. No Linkin Park, no top 40 hits. Just that stupid Grease song. I tired singing over it, but it just wouldn't go away.

So that begs the question: What are the WORST workout songs to have in your head? I'll start the list:
  1. You're the one that I want - from Grease
Despite having that horrendous song in my head, I still managed to run just over 8 miles, averaging just under 8:30 pace. Of course, I forgot to hit start on my watch for the first half mile, so you will see a nice jump in the beginning of my run when I hit start mid jog. In all, the run felt great. Lots of rolling hills and what seemed to be a pretty stiff headwind for most of the run. The good news was that my heart rate held steady the whole time and I could have kept going. Now if I could only get that darn song out of my head...

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