Monday, March 19, 2007

My week in review - Week 6

Its about that time again. The weekly recap. This week started off a little shaky with the sore shoulder problem, had strong improvement, and then trailed off toward the end. St. Patricks Day took quite a bit out of me, since I don't go out drinking much. Sunday was a recovery day in every sense, so I could not get any closer to my goals for the week. Progress continues, despite the lighter week. I swam 2000 yards nonstop, the longest I've gone this season. I also had my first brick workout of the season (1 hr bike, 30 min run). So I still managed to do a lot of things I set out to do in my goals for the week. Its just the numbers that didn't add up. So here they are:

Swim: 4000 yards (Goal: 3750 yards)
Bike: 2 hours (Goal: 3 hours)
Run: 11.2 miles (Goal: 15 miles)
Weight Sessions: 1 session (Goal: 2 sessions)
Time: 6 hours (Goal: 8 hours)

I don't expect much of an increase this week, if any. TT and I have a fun 5k planned for Saturday, which means that a typical long day will become a LT workout in a race setting. It will be a nice time trial to see where I'm at, but building endurance is always good at this stage too. One of the nice things about working for a large company is that they sponsor a lot of activities. With a very active base, the running club for my company sponsors a variety of races throughout the area (free entry fees). This will be my first race of the season, so I'm pretty stoked. We've also got a triathlon club, and cycling club but the majority of sponsored events are for running only it seems. However, I'm always willing to sign up for an extra race or two if my company wants to foot the bill! A healthy employee is a happy employee I guess.

So the goals for this week are:

Swim: 4000 yards
Bike: 2 hours
Run: 12 miles
Weight Sessions: 2
Time: 6 hours

Good luck with your training and have a great week!

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