Saturday, March 3, 2007

Outside at Last!

With the weather finally moderating all week, I figured this Saturday would be a great opportunity to get a good outside ride in. I haven't taken Blue outside since my final race last season. Although I rode my mountain bike (he needs a name too), spinning has been my sole source of riding time for the off season. So today was really an opportunity to see if all the inside work I have been doing would pay off. Although I still need some more time to get a better feel for the road, I'd say that my base is already there. I was consistent throughout and happily surprised that I was able to go as far as I could.

OK, so the numbers. Since precious doesn't have her speed/cadence sensor yet, I used the old trusty cyclocomputer that has been on Blue since I've had him.

Total distance: 52.3 miles
Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Avg HR: 139 bpm
Avg Speed: 20.92 mph

It was pretty windy today, but the wind didn't really start to kick up until later in my ride when it was at my back. I normally do not ride 20 mph, so was pretty shocked by the totals. I am usually in the 18-19 mph range. I'll take it, but I think the tailwind deserves the credit. Avg HR was right where it should be too. Check out the graph below to see the whole ride.

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