Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Top reasons why I bonked today

Today was a first for me. I bonked. I usually push myself hard and find moments during most workouts where I can push myself harder. Today was no exception. I went for a 40 mile ride today. It started off fine, so I kept pushing. Only problem was that I had nothing left. So here you have it:

Top Reasons Why I Bonked
1) Weight session this morning focused on legs which made my legs feel like jello
2) Today's food intake was not nearly enough to accommodate 2+ hours of effort
3) Stupid cyclist that I passed decided he didn't want to get toasted by a triathlete, so he sped up and we took turns passing each other until he backed down after 5 miles of hard effort
4) It was hotter (84 degrees) than it has been all season
5) Headwinds that hit you on your way out AND on your way back suck

Lessons Learned
1) If leg weight sessions happen on same day as a ride, ride should be short and hard, versus long and hard
2) When planning 2 workouts throughout the day or 1 long (2+ hours) workout, make sure food intake is above average
3) Don't let idiot cyclists affect your workout. Throw a stick in their spokes and you will never see them again ;)
4) Continue long workouts when it is hot to get body used to warmer temps

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