Monday, March 5, 2007

My week in review - Week 4

Time to look back at this past month's training and see how things went. Intensity picked up significantly and I'm happy to report that my body feels fine. I started with swim workouts in the 1200 yard range, rides of 20-30 miles, and runs of 5 miles. Highlights of my workouts this week include: a 2000 yard swim, 52.4 mile bike, and an 8 mile tempo run. Total numbers:

- Hours: 8.5 hours (8 planned)
- Swim: 3200 yards (goal: 3500)
- Bike: 3.5 hours - 3.5 hours (goal: 2 hours)
- Run: 13 miles (goal: 10 miles)
- Weight sessions: 1 (goal: 2)

Considering I was sick early in the week, my totals are impressive. I got an early week swim in, however it was shortened due to my cold. I hit 2000 yards for the first time this season in another workout later in the week. My big bike ride (couldn't spend Saturday any other way) was the longest ride I've done in more than a year and I felt pretty good (minus the pain the arse toward the end). I went on an 8+ mile tempo run, which is the best run I've had since the Army 10 Miler last October. Very excited about the week ahead to continue increasing my totals.

- Total hours: 8
- Swim: 3500 yards
- Bike: 2 hours
- Run: 15 miles
- Weight sessions: 2

Have a great week!

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