Monday, March 12, 2007

My week in review - Week 5

Another great week of workouts. With more time from daylight now, the totals can only go up. I am seeing significant improvements in all aspects. My swim endurance is good, my cycling form is much more efficient, and I keep pushing myself to new limits on my runs. Stats for the week:
  • Swim: 3500 yards (goal: 3500 yards)
  • Bike: 2 hours (goal: 2 hours)
  • Run: 16.2 miles (goal: 15 miles)
  • Weight Sessions: 2 (goal: 2)
  • Time: 7 hours (goal: 8 hours)
This is the first week where I hit ALL my goals! Now let's take a look at the week ahead:
  • Swim: 3750 yards
  • Bike: 3 hours
  • Run: 15 miles
  • Weight Sessions: 2
  • Time: 8 hours
I'd like to start incorporating more brick workouts into my routine this week. I feel like I've developed a great base and brick workouts are the next level to build onto my base. It is also more efficient use of my workout time.

Have a great week and enjoy the extra daylight hours!

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