Monday, June 11, 2007

My week in review - Week 18

Another week of training down, so that means its time for my week in review. Spent much of my time in the saddle (FINALLY!). The rest of my time was filled with a little swimming and some running. Big workout of the week came on Saturday when I did a brick workout that included a 45-50 mi bike and a 10k run. Here are the numbers for the week:

Swim: 1550 meters (Goal: 4400)
Bike: 5.5 hours (Goal: 5)
Run: 11 miles (Goal: 10)
Weight Sessions: 0
Time: 8 hours (Goal: 9)

Ok, so I slacked on the swimming this week. It got cooler outside and the nice outdoor pool option I've spoken so highly of turned into a frigid pool with the potential for serious...umm...shrinkage. An effective triathlete is a safe triathlete and I wouldn't want to risk any injury, so I turned my attention elsewhere. I got to riding some serious time this week. 2.5 hours were spent on rolling hills on my Saturday ride. The other time was spent conquering the hilly loop. While only about 6 miles per loop, it's got about 600 ft of elevation gain, so it hurts. I guess all this hill training is good for the next race after this weekend's Xterra. The course description of my next race is described as "hilly and technical". Ok, so maybe no records will be shattered, but at least all this hill practice will be good for something. And speaking of Xterra, I can't wait for this race. I love the vibe of Xterra races (not that regular tris are less good). Its just...different. Anyways, looking forward to returning to Richmond to avenge my performance from last year. It was hot and sunny last year and my first Xterra race. This year's forecast: HOT and SUNNY. Oh well, so much for better conditions.

The week ahead will be light, in preparation for the race. Here are the goals for the week:

- Swim: 1500 yards
- Bike: 3 hours (Includes pre-ride of Xterra course on Sat)
- Run: 10 miles
- Weight Sessions: None
- Time: 4 hours

I hope to take it easy this week and keep things simple. I'd like to do some mountain biking on the local trails around here a few times just to test out the recently tuned rear derailleur and shifting to make sure things are good to go for Sunday. Aside from that, just some easy running
and swimming.

That's my week. Enjoy your training and your workouts!


Wrenching Winz said...

What is it with you people and cold water? Its not gonna kill you ya know.

Tri-Trainee said...

cold water is NOT cool!!!!


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