Thursday, June 14, 2007

Counting Down

With only a few days left in the week, its time to start looking forward to the weekend and the week ahead. Saturday, we leave for Richmond for the weekend for my Xterra race, which is being held on Sunday. And once we get back, then its time for vacation. Where are we headed you ask? Oh, how about TT and I are going to BELIZE!

And it can't come at a better time. Work has been hectic to say the least and the stress is just bottling up inside. 2 days on the weekend is simply not enough time to relax away the stress. So while everyone is training hard next week, you can think about TT and I sipping pina coladas out of coconuts at our swim up bar. Yea, we'll also do some active things to stay in shape, like hiking, lots of swimming (Belize is home to the 2nd longest barrier reef in the world!), and walking around town.

Can't wait for the weekend so I can begin my vacation!


Anonymous said...

All the best luck for you on Sunday!

Wrenching Winz said...

Ohhhh nice. Good luck sunday!


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