Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm Back!

Phew...what a vacation! How was it? Much needed. Relaxing. Celebratory. Peaceful. Hot. Sweaty. Sunny. Delicious. Diverse. Rejuvinating. And hopefully soon if she has enough time, I'll let TT explain some more details.

Belize was simply amazing. It is with that wonderful vacation, that I come back to the real world with a new focus and drive in both work and life. Many pina coladas, lots of sun, and several Belikin cervesas later, I am ready to continue my training. With a race in just two weeks, my first Olympic distance this season, I'm not planning anything too strenuous or monumental. Just some challenging workouts that keep me fresh and on my game. This race will be a great check to see where my fitness is and what I need to improve on for the remainder of the season.

So keep on the lookout on TT's blog...


Wrenching Winz said...

Welcome back! Hmmm, methinks something special might have happened.....

BTW I'm signing up for Eagleman next year when it opens, you in as well?

Kylie said...

man I already guessed over on her blog that it was an engagement ;) But I could be wrong... but you guys make it sound like it is! You are teases, both of you! I want to know! I have no patience :)

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