Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekly Wrapup

Its finally here - MARATHON WEEK! Woo! This past week has been a nice light week, which has left my body craving more volume. I keep telling it to settle down, but the taper bug has set in, and everyone knows that the mind does crazy things around this time. Lets hope my patience wins the battle this time and I stick to the plan. What is the plan? Glad you asked - here we go:

-Monday: 3 miles nice and easy
- Tuesday: A fun splash in the pool equally something around 2000 yards
- Wednesday: 4 miles at easy pace
- Thursday: Rest
- Friday: A little jog around the hood to just wake up those legs
- Saturday: RACE
- Sunday: Party like its 1999...oops, already happened. How about relax and recover?

I'm actually enjoying the HIP schedule, even though it really hasn't changed my workout routine yet, save for the addition of swimming. Its honestly been too cold for cycling (planned to on Sunday but it was nasty and I was not about to risk getting sick a week before the marathon), so I am yet to dust off the Kuota. Training riding is so last year. This year, I prefer to not be bored to death. However, adding in swimming (I needed the motivation/fear of an actual race to get me into the pool - sad but true, per my last post) has given me a fresh perspective on working out. It has me (gasp) looking forward to swimming workouts...for now.

Anyways, that is how the week is shaping up for me. Hope everyone else tapering for the race this weekend has similar success.

Stay tuned for updates!


The Lazy Triathlete said...

Good luck on the National Marathon. I was really hoping to do the Half, but my year has not been conducive to working out.

Rainmaker said...

Looks like the perfect schedule for a rockin Marathon on Saturday. Definitely looking forward to cheering for ya out there.


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