Friday, March 13, 2009

Schedule Changes

What? A 2nd post in the same week? I know, its rare. But I couldn't save all this for my usual weekly update. So here I am with an update of a different kind - to my schedule, which by the time you read this will have changed on the table to the right.

My original plan was to take the season to focus on running, and do a little triathlon dabbling in there just to keep the training up. That plan included doing the Luray Double, based on the idea that I was going to use my credit from the canceled Patriots Half from last year and only have to pay to sign up for the sprint. Well I read the letter a little closer and realized that Luray isn't on the list. bad.

So I did some thinking and reviewing of the other races on the list and came to a conclusion. Doing a sprint or an olympic as a standlone race isn't going to motivate me enough to adequately train for it. I know that I could enter a race of that distance and finish it with minimal training. I know myself too well. I need to be scared into training. Sometimes its the fear that motivates me. Fear of failing and fear of just having the race dominate you. Races are so much more enjoyable when you dominate the race. So given that there were no other options on the list of races to choose from to give me that fear factor, I had to sign up for something, otherwise my credit would go to waste.

And then I saw this. And it got me thinking. Wouldn't being a part of that be fun?

So I signed up for the Patriots Half!

The training plan started this week. I actually jumped into the pool for the 1st time since oh September ;) Yea...oops on that one too. The first workout called about about 2000 yards of work. I got er done, but it wasn't pretty. Today's swim is something around the same. I will say though, that by the end of that 1st swim, I was already feeling better. Hopefully these next couple of swims will re-awaken my inner fish.


Audrey said...

ha! definitely don't train to lead a healthy lifetyle or for fun...totally do it for fear...hehe. i love it!! [ps. it's why i trained for my first marathon-fear]

Rainmaker said...

Sweet - that's awesome! Hopefully we'll avoid anymore hurricane issues this year during the race or pre-race. Nothing like a HIM to get things cooking...


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