Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Meet Up

Some of those who attended have already posted, but I figured I'd post as well. Those of us who were planning to run/volunteer at the National Marathon/Half Marathon, and a few others decided to have a meet up for dinner the night before the race. Despite not being able to get a reservation at the first 10 or so places we wanted to go, I finally found a reservation at the District Chophouse. I had never eaten there myself, but heard it was pretty good. Turns out, we got a private room, since we had a larger party, which made the dinner much easier to talk to everyone. Rebecca and I had to circle around a million times before finding parking, but eventually we showed up (casually late).

I stole the below picture from Audrey, who smartly brought a camera as evidence of our meetup and private room. From left to right, Danielle, me, Rebecca, Joe, Audrey, Jeanne, Ray, and Peter. I'll note that Peter brought a camera too, but he'll have to finish up the roll on the disposable before getting the pictures. I liked the reaction of our waiter when trying to take a picture with it, because I think he forgot how to take a picture without using the digital lcd screen. Kids these days...

Anyways, it was a great dinner and a great way to spend those nervous hours the night before a big race. Great meeting everyone!


Rainmaker said...

Indeed - it was good to catch up with ya'll. And thanks for sorting out the food locaiton, well done!

peter said...

It was great meeting you and Rebecca, and then you went out and ran a great race. I sat next to a 6-year old at Camden Yards and asked his Dad to take my picture in the stadium with my disposible camera, which he did. The child seized the camera and couldn't figure out how to make the picture his Dad had taken appear on the back. As I tried to tell him there was no picture (yet), he started crying because I wouldn't show it to him.


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