Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekly Wrapup

Finally, a chance to report back! I feel like Rebecca and I are living on a foreign planet with no internet access yet. And with the snow today, we packed up, shoveled out, and hopped on over to the local Caribou Coffee for some web time. Thank goodness! week. Well in one word: productive. Lets get to the numbers:

- Monday: Off
- Tuesday: 5 miles easy
- Wednesday: 8 miles, 6 at tempo
- Thursday: 5 miles easy
- Saturday: 20 miles - Woo!
TOTAL: 38 miles

Now I did want to get in a brief run yesterday to get that magic total to 40, but I resisted the temptation. We were doing more moving (it never ends!), so I was already doing work with my legs. Oh, and that 20 miler on Saturday...after the run, I stopped by the condo and continued moving some remaining boxes for 2 hours. Tiring? YES. But, it has me feeling really good for National. I felt good on the run and great after it. I took it easy, but the miles seemed to tick by. In the end, my average pace ended up being around 8:40/mile, which I was pleased about, since I felt completely fine and could have continued on for those last 6 miles. Lets hope all remains the same moving forward.


I started this week's workout with my first inaugural shoveling of the driveway at the new house. Now I remember why people used to pay us back in the day to do their dirty work. Shoveling is tough! But a good workout nonetheless. Mileage this week is a step down finally, so I'm looking forward to that. Lets just hope this snow melts so I have a path to run on!

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Rainmaker said...

Duuuude! 20-miler - sweet candy given all the pain and suffering you've had. Looks like you're ready to cook in two weeks!

Oh...and enjoy that snow shoveling. :)


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