Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekly Wrapup

This past week was the last week of what I consider the major mileage component of training. Although I've only been hitting pavement hard for the last 5 weeks, it has come as a nice welcome. My body feels great considering it all and it has been responding well. This week's plan called for about 30 miles, down from near 40 last week. And this coming week - only 20.

Here are the numbers:

- Tuesday - easy 4 on the treadmill due to the big snow we had on Monday (ugh)
- Wednesday - 6 miles of tempo running, forced to do on the ice outside
- Thursday - 4 miles easy
- Saturday - 13 miles of off road running followed by 3 hours of yard work
- Sunday - 5 hours of yard work
TOTAL - 27 miles

You see those 2 days on the weekend where I mentioned yard work? That is what I call cross training. As I rolled out of bed this morning, my legs were fine from the running. It was my fingers, forearms, abs, shoulders, back, and just about anything else that were sore. Yard work is hard! When we first moved into our townhome, the backyard was (and still is) a bit overgrown. And by a bit, I mean a lot. So Saturday morning, Rebecca got some shears and we began working on the ivy plant that wrapped its way all around and into the fence that wraps around one side of the yard. This ivy plant managed to wrap itself through every wood plank, jump across an entry door onto the satellite dish across the way and onto the deck. It is simply amazing what these kinds of plants can do when given the chance to run wild. So, we began with a clip here and a clip there. And by the end of the weekend, I'd estimate that 90% of the plant is gone, save for the giant roots that need a saw or something larger than a set of shears. All told, we managed to fill about 10 giant trashbags full of leaves and branches! Still have a bit to yet, but it is sweet progress.

Anyways, thought I'd whip up a post, since life continues to be busy...have a great week of training!

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