Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Its So On...Again

As you know, I've been hobbled up recently with my aching IT band following the marathon. I've iced, stretched, foam rolled, taken ibuprofen, seen general doctors, and running specialists. Its now been approximately 4 weeks since I became the unproud owner of "the world's tightest IT band".

Well you know what? I ran today. I ran 4 miles. Not much by most standards, but relative to where I've been coming from, this was by far the most I've run since the injury, and by far the fastest pace I've run. I did not push the pace too much, but I ran at a quick pace and averaged 8:15/mile. This is HUGE news for me. This means I can keep progressing until I get back to running longer distances. And, I'm only a little more than 2 weeks out from my first race of the season, the Columbia Triathlon, so this is the confidence booster I needed.

And oh yea, before my run today, I biked an all out 25 miles. So my run was a brick right off the bike. Sweetness.

Its on...its so donkey kong...


James said...

I used to have horrific IT problems. While I have had all kinds of other issues in the past while, there was one thing that fixed my IT problem permanently.

Make sure you're absolutely clear on the type of shoe that suits your running style. Once I knew I was a heel-toe runner, with a neutral stride, I've stuck with cushioning neutral shoes and been IT-pain-free since.

In my case, any kind of medial post or stability structure, and my IT would ache like crazy.

Of course, right now I'm dealing with an ab strain that won't go away, so my cycling and running is very limited - and a half iron in 7.5 weeks. I'm pretty sure I've already got to bail on my half marathon this weekend.

Good luck!

The Wrench said...

Great, so much for the advantage of a gimp Adam at Eagleman......I'm screwed.

jeanne said...

well that IS good news! I'm sure I saw you saturday go by me in a blur, like everyone else did!

and yes I did have to run around those walkers...good lord, that was a challenge! walkers, strollers, dogs, oh my. and me going against them all. i don't know someone didn't get HURT.

See you next time I hope! and congrats on the it band recovery!


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