Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Step in the Right Direction

Yesterday, I managed to go for a trot outside for a 10k run. This was my first time running without cycling before and also the longest I've run since the marathon and my IT band injury. Without pushing too hard for the first 5 miles, I managed to squeak out a 50:08 10k for an 8:05/mile pace. I feel pretty good about that. I have minimal soreness today from the run, which is the best news. And I'm coming off a cold. Knowing that I can easily run a 10k without pain is a huge confidence builder going into the Columbia Triathlon. I'll just need to do that off the bike, which so far as acted as a great warm up for my IT band. We'll see. Gotta keep moving to get back my run mojo.

Next step: Pushing longer distances so I can get ready in time for the run for Eagleman 70.3.


Burnt Couch said...

how long did you have a cold? and did you train through it?

i have a cold now. and allergies on top of it.

kinda freakin' for the Columbia given it's so close and now I'm ill =\

Rainmaker said...

Good to see you're able to slowly increase the run. I think either Eagleman or Columbia I'm going to come up and watch/take photos for fun. Haven't quite decided on all the logistics yet.


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