Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How Many Miles?

I thought it would be kind of cool to see how many miles I actually ran during my marathon training. I wish I would have been able to run all of the planned miles, but sadly my knee injury forced me to cut my training short. Basically, my highest volume weeks were cut out, which caused me to miss a good chuck of the total volume of my plan. Regardless, below are my stats for my marathon training:
  • Total Miles Run: 330.33 miles
  • Total Mile Planned: 490 miles

If I had done all my training, I could have made it to Portland, ME.

Just thought I'd add some perspective to the raw distance. Though not nearly as impressive as these guys who ran across the Sahara Desert some 4,300 miles, it is impressive in my book.


Rainmaker said...

The real question is what exactly you'd do once you got to Columbus.

The Wrench said...

Run Forrest Run

scarinzic said...

hey - i like this idea! might be cool to check out how far you've run all year on mapmyrun.com...

anyway, just dropping by. like the blog - thanks for visiting mine!


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