Monday, November 26, 2007

In the beginning...

Today begins a new phase: marathon training. For the next several months or so, I will be training for the National Marathon on March 29. This will be my first, so I hope the marathon g-ds will be gentle on me. After all the turkey and fixings I ate this weekend, which included 4 separate dinners (yes FOUR), I am motivated to start. I got all those bad habits out of my system and am ready to start my marathon training going to spinning. So yea, my plan says for Mondays to be cross training days, so spinning it is. Seems kind of strange, but I'm not complaining - its pouring outside! So let the countdown begin...the season has begun


Audrey said...

I kind of feel like triathletes have their own New Year's right around this time :)

Rainmaker said...

Very cool! Pacers continues to do long Saturday runs through the winter, so if you ever want to head out - let me know and I can tell you the time/place - or I'm up for a run whenever. Some friends are currently attempting to con me into a spring Marathon as well (likely April sometime).


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