Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Whoa, I'm Weak

Since finishing my 2007 season back in September, I've kind of been taking it easy these past couple of months to mentally and physically recover. During the peak season, I also tend to refrain from lifting weights, since there isn't much benefit at that point. So its only been recently that I started lifting again. Yesterday was the first time I went to do a leg workout and let me tell you...I. AM. WEAK. I've lifted upper body a few times in the past month and I wasn't as surprised by the muscle loss there. I guess I need to start getting back to a consistent weight program.

So here's the plan at minimum:
  • 2 lifting days per week
  • 1 focused on upper body
  • 1 focused on legs


DCTriGirl said...

I haven't lifted a weight in at least six months. I'm scared to even try...

Rainmaker said...

Six months? Try since high school for me (freshman year at that). I probably should actually consider doing that at some point, I hear it helps.


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