Thursday, November 1, 2007

Living the Healthy Lifestyle

Pretty much every triathlete has a reason they tri. Some people were challenged by a friend and got hooked, while others did it to test their body's physical and mental limits. But most everyone who CONTINUES to tri, does it to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I know I do. And as a perfect example, I had this conversation with my doctor yesterday when I went in for a physical:

Dr: How often do you exercise?
Me: I pretty much do something 5-7 days a week, depending on my training schedule.
Dr: Oh, what are you training for?
Me: Well, I've been competing in triathlons for the past 3 years.
Dr: That's great, I'm really happy to hear that.

After checking vitals...

Dr: Well, you are probably the healthiest person I've seen in my office in a long time.
Dr: In fact, you just made my day.

A doctor sees hundreds of patients a week. So for me, those were all the encouraging words I needed to hear...

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WellnessAid said...

I am so envious to those people who are "addicted" to exercise. Those who feel rush to go and be active everyday. I used to do fencing in my teens (6 times per week 3 hours per day) and I still remember the feeling of urge to go to the club and become active. I would feel sick if I would not be acive. But then when I went to the University and had to choose: school or sports I became inactive and lost the good "addiction". I wish I can reclaim it again... I hope one day I will.


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