Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Second Thoughts About Swimming in the Potomac

For those who swam in the Potomac for the Nations Triathlon, which appeared to be an excellent race, you may want to consider this. Now, I am all for having the triathlon. It was a great race. I stood by the waterfront to watch people all day and heard nothing but good things about the swim. Add to the fact that there is nothing better than being able to roll out of bed and pedal on down to a race. I'm just a little concerned about The Potomac Conservancy's concern about finding more "intersex" fish and D plus rating for the Potomac.


Rainmaker said...

As long as the intersex fish weren't trying to mate with me...that's really all that counts. But maybe it couldn't decide if it wanted to mate with me, given it was already 'confused'.

Donald said...

Wow, thanks for the link, and for validating my apprehension to swim there. I can't believe they host races in that river.

Audrey said...

AHHHHHHHHH!! Ewwwwwww. sorry to be non-articulate. i've never been IN the river down there (just on it) there but i never thought it was D worry...i'm intrigued by the Nations Triathlon though. but ew.


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