Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Weekend Away

Labor Day Weekend. Last chance of the summer to get away. On tap was a trip up to the Berkshires to visit Rebecca's family. I know what you're thinking...a family vacation, not the ideal way to spend a long weekend. But, we did so many things this weekend that it seemed less of a family weekend, and more of a weekend getaway, with some family involved. Highlights of the weekend included:

- Going for a morning run in crisp, low 60 degree temps
- Going for 2 hikes on Mt Greylock, one to the summit
- 2 big dinners with lots of good home made cookin
- Scenic views at all times

It was good weekend of decompressing. Too bad we had to come back so soon. There will be future visits though, hopefully during the winter for some skiing and again during next summer for some solid bike riding.

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