Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Are You Savage Enough?

Not that I would personally put myself through the pain and torture of a Half IM (Eagleman 2008), but SavageMan is an animal of a race. I haven't gone out there to view the course personally, other than having gone skiing around the region when I was younger. I know enough about the location to know that anyone doing a race there should be ready for hills...and lots of them. SavageMan markets themselves as "the worlds most savage triathlon". Talk to someone or read a race report of anyone who participated in this year's inaugural, and you'd believe it.

The flagship component of the race is the bike. 56 miles of killer hills, including the famed Westernport Wall, which tops out at 25% grade. The more I hear about this race, the more interested I am in seeing it firsthand. No, not to race...not yet at least. But I will be sure to go there as a spectator next year to witness the anarchy. From what I hear, the town is all about hosting this event...a key element to the success in its inaugural year. People were out there cheering on competitors all day.

Don't let my words convince you...see it for yourself:

Some climb the hills better than others. And to give you an idea of the whole section of this climb, watch this.

No reason to complain about a hilly course until you have become savage enough to complain...


Rainmaker said...

That looks downright painful! But fun. :)

Seems like it might be worth a drive out at some point to give it a whirl.

The Wrench said...

Oh please, thats not nearly as bad as a training hill out in Charlottesville that I would climb weekly....


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