Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When the heat turns cold

I wonder in amazement each time summer rolls around, when the temperatures float into the upper 90s, workouts tend to shift toward the earlier side to avoid excessive heat, and my body reacts by getting a COLD! I mean, remember when catching a cold came from going outside with wet hair when it was cold outside (or so says your parents)? Obviously, that theory has been proved otherwise. But why or why do people get colds in the heat of the summer? It just shouldn't happen. Its a COLD! And I for one, am in favor of banning summertime colds outright. They just shouldn't happen. Of course, since she is sick, I am now sick. And that's the other thing. They need to make it so that colds are not transferred to significant others. Why wasn't I a doctor, so I could just create a cure and not have to worry about it again. Come on doctors, help me out here!

So now I'm feeling tired, dehydrated, sick, and have no motivation to work out. Sounds like a rest week is in order until I can shake this thing. Too bad this the first day of feeling it, because its likely to get worse before it gets better.

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