Monday, August 27, 2007

Reaching Double Digits

The countdown to the last race of the season is just under two weeks. It is an important race for many reasons.

1) It is my last chance to improve on what has already been a successful season, which has included several new PRs. Hopefully the trend will continue, since I am more prepared for this race than any other, having ridden and run the course several times.

2) Following this race, I'll be in double digit land for triathlons. This race will be my 10th! I'm excited to turn from a "pre-teen" triathlete, to an "almost teenager" (I count anything that is pronounced with a teen, starting at thirteen, as officially a teenager). Its a transition phase that I'll have to wait till next season to officially become a triathlon teenager. But hey, its something to look forward to...other than doing a Half Ironman of course ;)

So as the days count down with what's left of my season, its time to start enjoying all the hard work and progress of the season. Yesterday morning was probably one of my most challenging bike workouts to date. My normal tough hill workout consists of 2, 7 mile loops, which includes about 1200 feet of climbing. Not bad if you ask me. A lot of bang for the buck kinda course. Technical riding the whole way. There are short steep, long steep, and long gradual climbs. And of course some big downhills too. Anywho, yesterday I did 4 loops, which is more than I've ever done. Thats about 2500 feet of climbing in about 30 miles miles. And to tack on some more struggle, I added a 3 mile run off the bike, to complete the difficult workout. My legs felt like jello after all the climbing, but I was able to hold a steady 8:00/mile pace, which was great considering the heat and humidity.

And the day was topped off with being able to follow the many tri-bloggers out there competing in IMKY. Congratulations to all! It sounded like a tough race, but everyone prevailed with great times, making it look all too easy.

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