Friday, June 24, 2011

Free Event : Re-Evolution of Running Tonight

For anyone in the proximity of the DC area and interested in running, this should be a must attend event.  It is located in Shepherdstown, WV which isn't nearly as far as it sounds.  Either way, I know I'll be there.

The event is hosted by Two Rivers Treads, a local store that focuses on natural running and walking.  If you were lucky enough to attend his lecture at the Mid Atlantic Multisport Expo, Dr. Mark Cucuzella gave a great overview of natural running form.  You may have also seen this video posted below floating around the interwebs a while back of Dr. Cucuzzella running through some incredible scenery at the Antietam National  It is pretty awesome - just watch it for a few minutes in awe of his perfect form.

Anyways, below is information from the press release regarding the event.  I'll be there and I hope to see others, because free events like this are the best ways to further your knowledge.  In the release below, take a look at the panel of people speaking - its pretty solid.

“The Re-Evolution of Running: Where Science and Shoes Meet” will be hosted by Two Rivers Treads Center for Natural Running and Walking,  the Bavarian Inn, and the Running Clinic Canada on Friday Night June 24th at 7-9 pm at the Bavarian Inn.

Guest panelists include leading clinicians, researchers, teachers, writers, athletes, and footwear experts from around the globe:

Dr. Robert Wilder
  • Chair of the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Medical Director of the Runner’s Clinic at the University of Virginia.
Dr Hiro Tanaka
·         Fukuoka Japan; Chair Exercise Physiology University of Fukuoka
·         Author of over 100 papers, ran 2:38 marathon age 50 and 3:11 age 62
Blaise Dubois PT/Sean Cannon PT
·         Quebec City, Canada; International Leaders in running injuries
·         Authors and Instructors of over 40 international conferences
Doug Bertram
·         Boulder, Colorado;   Newton Running
·         Clinical Acupuncturist and Manual Therapist treating elite runners for 15 years
Dr. Mark Cucuzzella,
·         West Virginia University, Coach USAF Running Team, National Level Masters Runner
·         National speaker/teacher of healthier running; sub 2:35 marathons in 4 decades
Golden Harper
·         Orem, Utah; Ran 2:45 marathon age 12
·         Founder of Altra Running Shoes
Jon Sanregret
·         Rockford, Michigan
·         Lead Training Rep Merrell Barefoot Division
Curt Munson
·         Okemos, Michigan; Running Retail leader for 30 years
·         Developer of Good Form Running- system now taught to 1000’s

Speakers will share their most important discoveries and then allow questions and conversation with the audience.   

“This is an amazing public awareness and interest now in the concept that you do not have to be in pain to run.  Medical and footwear leaders are working together to help runners stay healthy.  We have assembled the most expert panel one could imagine on the topic for an interesting night of stories, debate, and discussion.” says Mark Cucuzzella MD. “We need to develop entirely new approaches to running injuries and staying healthy for life”

The event is free to the public and geared toward walkers and runners of all abilities.

Date: June 24 2011  7pm-9pm 

Location: Bavarian Inn

Shepherdstown,  WV  25443

Free to the public.  Coffee and dessert will be provided.  Cash bar

For those wishing to dine prior at the premier Bavarian Inn call 304-876-2551 for reservations

For more information contact  Two Rivers Treads Center for Natural Running and Walking  ph 304-876-1100

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