Friday, June 10, 2011

Eagleman 70.3

Yep - that's where you'll find me this weekend.  No, I'm not racing.  I'm officiating

As an added bonus, here's a highlights video from Eagleman 70.3 in 2008 when I raced it

BTW - I make a cameo appearance at 3:07 clipping into my bike and again on the run course at 8:52!

Temperatures look a bit cooler than it has been in previous years - upper 80s and sunny, so it will still be hot, but not a death march.  Anything is better than the 105 heat we had to deal with back then.  Its funny in the video that as the day goes on, you see how much people were suffering out there!  Took me back to some rough memories....(shakes head and quivers)

To those who are racing, good luck!



Wow, you got totally lucky with the weather this year! Last year I raced it and it was 104 degrees - I ended up in the hospital! :)

Have fun officiating. BTW - how did you get into officiating? Sounds pretty cool!

PS - Thanks for your thoughtful comments about the $1,000 tri. I know exactly what you mean - and if the race is mostly comprised of NYC/NJ athletes, $1000 is not that bad. Its the out-of-town athletes that get screwed. Triathlon is an expensive sport - no way around that!

Have fun!

it's all about pace said...

th anks for giving back.


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