Monday, June 6, 2011

A Delayed But Important Spectator Race Report

As we all know by now, I can't run.  Boo hoo.  But that doesn't mean I can't cheer for others.  In what has now become a tradition (2 years in a row means tradition, right?) for Memorial Day weekend, we trekked all the way over (just down the street) to the Fairfax Government Center, which was the race start for the Fair Oaks Fire & Rescue Ambulance Chase 5k.

Rebecca and our friend were going to race it  (while pushing a jogging stroller with her son), while I spectated and took a few photos.  It was a really nice day, so I just enjoyed watching and cheering everyone on.  As you may remember, I had a very successful race last year at this event, so I was interested to see how this year stacked up against last years results.  Turns out, pretty darn close!

Here are some of the pictures I took:
Start of the race - Who doesn't love the idea of actually chasing an ambulance?
Coming down the homestretch at Mile 3

Oh what's that?  An Age Group award!

As you can tell, another tradition was been established during our 2 year stint at running this race - getting an Age Group award!  I may not have been able to run this year, but at least someone was able to come out victorious!  But I'll let Rebecca tell you that part of the story....Congrats Rebecca on a well deserved award!

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