Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marathon Training Year to Year Comparison

Since last year I posted about my mileage totals at the end of the marathon training, I figured I'd look back and compare my training history year over year. Strangely enough, the totals were roughly the same. I guess when injury strikes, you end up with the same result - a whole lot of donuts (no, not that kind of donut) in the training column. But let's try and look at the positive.
  • Last year's training total: 330.33 miles
  • This year's training total: 350.2 miles
A slight improvement over last year. Of course, the plan for both years was to include a solid 100 miles more in my training than I actually accomplished, but what are you going to do? It is what it is.

Slicing the data another way, we can see where my mileage peaked by month each year vs where it dropped off due to injury.

I think you can guess, based on my times from this year versus last year. when the "better" time to get injured is.

Bottom line is that I had fun training and racing. That is what it is really all about anyways, right?

Speaking of training, Marine Corps Marathon registration is at noon today! Anyone thinking of running?

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