Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why Having a Office Window Sucks

When I didn't have an office window at work, things were so much easier. Was it raining, lightning, windy, or snowy? It didn't matter. I couldn't see outside. Because when I was in my inner office without any windows, I always considered it sunny, unless otherwise noted. I'd sit at my desk and daydream of riding my bike along the trails. But then I moved office locations to a nicer, more spacious, outside office with a view, giving me the ability to see outside.

Like most people who are in the workforce and also enjoy endurance sports, the part of my day that I look forward to the most is stepping out of the office and heading off to hit my day's workout. When I think about it in my head, I walk out to 70 degree sunny skies, ready to hit my workout hard. But when I look out my office window today, all I see is gloom, and depression sets in. Its been this way a lot recently. Like last week and so far this week. It provides absolutely no motivation do to anything. Work. Swim. Bike. Run. Nothing.

What does give me motivation is the forecast for warmer weather toward the end of the week and the hope that this mood will go away and I'll find myself gazing out the window again in the anticipation of walking out the door to hit my next workout hard.

Unfortunately, that won't be today, because it looks like crap...which is what I feel like.


jeanne said...

you're singing my song, brother. and i don't even have a window!

Rainmaker said...

Yeah, the weather's been pretty crappy the last few days. Not cool at all. Actually, well, cool - but not good.

Anonymous said...

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