Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wet, Soggy, and Sore

To atone for my sin of going four (gasp) days without working out, I decided it was time to end the streak. What better way than with my Pacers running buddies, right?

I woke up this morning to pouring rain. Looked out side...yep, still pouring. I figured I'd check the weather first before deciding one way or the other whether to stick with the run or bag it and continue the streak. First, I checked the radar, which showed that the end of the rain was near. Then, I checked the hour by hour forecast, which called for the rain to stop around 8 am, which happens to be when my run group meets. Perfect!

I hopped into my car and drove down to Roosevelt Island for this week's meeting place. Still raining. It will stop soon I told myself. We started our run to just some slight rain. About 3-5 miles into the run, it seemed to pick up a bit. And never stop! Actually, I'm pretty sure it never got lighter and stayed consistently steady throughout the rest of the run.

By the end of our 10 mile run, I was wet, cold, and wet. And sore. Partially due to the weather, and partially due to running a bit shorter than we have been running on the weekends, we ran a brisk pace, in the end averaging just over 8:00/mile pace. I still have some lingering soreness in my Achilles from the 10k a couple weeks ago, but it stayed in check and has just seemed to get a little sore toward the end of my longer runs.

Considering my near donut on the weekday training plan progress, save for a Monday bike ride, I'm just happy I sucked it up and got out there today. On tap for tomorrow, is a nice bike ride, which will hopefully shake out the residual soreness in my legs...and keep me dry.


jeanne said...

yay you! you are hardcore!

i got up, dressed, went downstairs and outside, came back in, upstairs, turned around, went back downstairs, couldn't face it.

and tomorrow's easter so i'm done. boo me.

i'm sure i can still catch up. right? RIGHT?!

Rainmaker said...

Nice job pushing through the rain. As sick as it may sound, I actually LOVE the feeling immediately after a cold/wet/long run like that. Mostly because I know soon there will be a hot shower involved.


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