Tuesday, January 15, 2008

National Marathon - Another Course Change

Well it looks like the National Marathon organizers are up some changes again. They are updating the course route. Its actually the same course as the last update, but they just switched the direction a bit. The course now goes through Capitol Hill and the Mall first, loops up hill through Dupont Circle and into Adams Morgan before coming back down toward RFK Stadium and beginning the 2nd loop, which takes you through the SW Waterfront area.
The previous course started with the up hill going through Adams Morgan and made the Dupont Circle part a nice downhill. Now it looks like a steady and challenging 3 mile climb in miles 4-7, rather than miles 1-3. Either way, I still think its better than having to do that from miles 16-19. You can also see in the elevation profile below.
After the big climb in the beginning, there are only a few minor hills left in the course. Once again, I'm looking forward to trying out some of the sections of the course in the new direction...particularly the early up hill. I'll have to incorporate that into some of my future runs.

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