Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Feel Good!

Moving into week 7 of my marathon training plan and week 2 of the triathlon training plan, the numbers are starting to build up. I had been very comfortable with the marathon training so far, only taking 4-5 hours max of my week. Incorporating the triathlon stuff into my plan, the hours have crept up to between 7-8 this week. Its going to take some time to get into the groove with this schedule, but I'm sure I will get used to it. I'm basically going with a run focused triathlon training plan for the time being, with an emphasis on hitting 3-4 key running workouts a week, while incorporating some swimming and biking as well to keep me progressing in those disciplines.

Week 7 of my marathon training plan bumps up my medium long run from 6 miles to 7. Week 2 of my triathlon plan calls for some biking a swimming sessions of moderate effort for me. Since I can't do too much on the weekend (Saturday is my long run day), much of the biking and swimming has to come early in the week. Last night called for a 1600 yard workout in the pool, and a 7 mile run for the marathon training component. I figured I'd throw them together for a nice brick to see how my body is doing. Man, what a confidence booster. Not only did I get a solid swim in, but I rocked the 7 mile run. I wasn't sure how my legs would hold up, since swimming usually takes a lot out of me. I started off at a comfortable pace where I was pushing but not too hard. After the first mile or two, the training wheels came off and I picked it up to get to the turnaround point. I hit another gear on the return route and really pushed the last 2 miles. By the end of my 7 mile run, I averaged right around 8:00/mile pace. Not bad, if I do say so myself. I think all this longer distance running and really giving me the ability to pusher harder paces for longer distances. Just this past weekend, a recovery training weekend, I had a 10 miler planned. I pushed the pace, but nothing too hard, and ended up finishing in 1:16, for a pace around 7:40/mile. My best time on a similar course was during the Army 10 Miler, which I finished in about 1:20. Sure, the hot weather was a factor, but my overall 10 mile PR is 1:13:49 on a much flatter course. Which to me says I am doing something right ;)

To top off my week, I've got a 16 miler looming ahead on Saturday...stay tuned to see if I am still so positive after that.


Rainmaker said...

Ouch, a 16 miler...At least the weather on Saturday is supposed to be pretty nice.

I hear ya on the slow ramp-up though. My training program kicked back into the high gear last week after about a month in the granny gear.

Try2Tri said...

Hope it was a good run. Seemed like a good day for it.
Meanwhile, I think your date of the Columbia Tri is off (based on the site). See you on May 18th! WOO!!

DCTriGirl said...

I'm with you... I had my longest run yesterday (9 miles) since the Army Ten Miler. I am FEELING it today.


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